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Curved Air


Member Position Years

Sonja Kristina

Main vocalist throughout the history of Curved Air 1969-1973. 1974-1976. 1984. 1990

Darryl Way

Founding Member. Original Violinist 1969-1972. 1974-1976. 1984. 1990

Francis Monkman

Founding Member. Original Guitarist and Keyboardist 1969-1972. 1974. 1990

Florian Pilkington-Miksa

Founding Member. Original Drummer 1969-1972. 1974. 1990
Diezel Guitarist 1984
Alex Richman Keyboardist 1976

Tony Reeves

Bassist 1975-1976
John Perry Bassist 1975

Mick Jacques (now known as Mike Jacques)

Guitarist 1975-1976

Stewart Copeland

Drummer 1975-1976

Phil Kohn

Bassist 1974-1975

Kirby Gregory

Guitarist 1973

Eddie Jobson

Violinist/Keyboardist 1973

Jim Russell

Drummer 1972-1973
Mike Wedgewood Bassist 1971-1973

Ian Eyre

Bassist 1970-1971
Rob Martin Founding Member. Original Bassist 1969-1970

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Sonja Kristina
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